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Your Personal Health Records In Your Pocket.

CoteSante. (Health Corner*) is a cloud-based personal health record platform for patients to actively collect, store, and track their health status. 

Your personal health data, your way.

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Sub-Saharan and North African regions lag behind in adopting electronic health records (EHR) despite a staggering 650 million of mobile users. Due to lack of user-centric Personal Health Records (PHR), most patients resolve to paper-based file logs, if even possible. Let alone, the region is burdened highly by disease and health complications.

Our Approach

User-centric design and Patient-generated data are the only way to ensure healthcare quality is established and maintained. The patient is the champion of the entire healthcare delivery journey. 

CoteSante is designed to provide the patient a safe avenue to organize and actively track their health status as intuitively as possible.

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African Health. 

One patient
at a time.


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