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🇮🇳 Therapy Mining | Mumbai: "The" City of Spice & Stress?

The land of #Bollywood and spices, Mumbai is sadly ranked as the second most burnt-out city in the world, this ain't a joke.

Imagine all these factors below yet grinding against the grain. Stress and burn out is almost inevitable at this point. As part of stress management ritual, it is first important to identify the root causes of the accumulated stress prior searching for a treatment plan or relief. So let's shed light upon the factors that aided Mumbai to be the #2 in the world's most stressed cities:

  • Long working hours: Mumbaikars work an average of 65 hours a week, which is significantly higher than the global average of 47 hours. This can lead to fatigue, burnout, and other health problems.

  • Commuting: Mumbai has some of the worst traffic in the world, and commuters can spend hours each day stuck in traffic. This can add to stress levels and make it difficult to balance work and personal life.

  • High cost of living: Mumbai is an expensive city, and the high cost of housing, food, and transportation can put a strain on people's finances. This can lead to stress and anxiety.

  • Inequality: Mumbai is a very unequal city, with a small number of wealthy people and a large number of poor people. This inequality can create social tensions and make it difficult for people to feel like they belong.

  • Crime: Mumbai has a high crime rate, which can make people feel unsafe and insecure. This can lead to stress and anxiety.

Burnout is a serious problem, but it is one that can be managed. By taking care of yourself and seeking help when needed, you can reduce your risk of burnout and improve your quality of life.

If you are currently in Mumbai and decide to get your stress levels managed. We suggest a safe place for you to get you supported.

We recommend you to check out MANAV FOUNDATION ~ Rehabilitation Center.

This center offers the following services for workplace stress management:

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

This is a confidential counseling service that provides employees with professional help to cope with personal and work-related problems that may affect their well-being and productivity.

Stress Management Workshops

These are interactive sessions that aim to educate employees about the causes and effects of stress, and equip them with practical skills and techniques to manage stress effectively.

Corporate Wellness Programs

These are customized programs that address the specific needs and challenges of different organizations and sectors. They include activities such as yoga, meditation, art therapy, music therapy, and group counseling.

Click here for more: MANAV FOUNDATION - Home

We wish you a quick recovery and definitely a profound one! Let's destigmatize #mentalhealth together!

PS. We are not sponsored by Manav Foundation or any of its affiliates, for more information contact


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